Toping the chart on preventable deaths is cigarette smoking. This makes cigarette smoking as the worse possible thing you could do to your body. Smoking isn’t just hard on the heart, but the fact is, the tobacco inside the cigarette plays a major role in a multitude of diseases that eventually lead to disability or worse, death. Cigarette smoke not only contains over 4000 chemical compounds which are poisonous, it also contains carcinogens. This is why; the effects of smoking are so widespread and destructive.

Cigarette smoking affects your mortality. Both male and female smokers lose an average of 13.4 top 14.3 years of life respectively. Smokers are 3 times as likely to die before reaching the age of 60. On a daily basis , an average of 1 jumbo jet full of people dies per hour , 24 hours a day , 365 days of the year because of smoking according to WHO.

The primary risk of smoking cigarette includes many forms of cancer. To name a few, lung cancer , kidney cancer , cancer of the larynx , breast cancer , bladder cancer , pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer. There is also certain evidence suggesting that tobacco causes an increased in risk of myeloid leukemia, squamous cell sinonasal cancer, liver cancer , cervical cancer , colorectal cancer and various other childhood cancers.

By smoking cigarette, long tem exposure to compounds such as carbon monoxide, cyanide and so forth which are found in the smoke, are strongly believed to be held responsible for pulmonary damage and for loss of elasticity in the alveoli which leads to emphysema and COPD. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) caused by smoking, is a permanent, incurable reduction of pulmonary capacity characterized by shortness of breath, persistent cough, wheezing and damage to the lungs.

Smoking also increases the chance of heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease. Besides that, the usage of tobacco has also been heavily linked to Buerger’s disease which is the acute inflammation and thrombosis of arteries and veins of both the hands and feet. Blood pressure can be increased drastically besides weakening your blood vessels when you smoke. In addition to kidney cancer, inhaling tobacco can also attribute to additional renal damage and encourages the progression of diabetic nephropathy.

Smoking cigarette causes impotence and female infertility. Tobacco inhalation harms sperm quality in every way, from longevity to motility. Not only that, smoking also affects the sexual behavior of a person and reduces the quality of sex. Cigarette is harmful to the ovaries which cause female infertility and the degree of damage is dependant upon the amount and length of time a woman smokes. Smoking reduces the chance of IVF producing a live birth to an astonishing 34% and increases the risk of IVF pregnancy miscarrying by 30%.

Besides chronic diseases and trouble in pregnancy, cigarette smoking also causes a decrease in appetite. Smoking also causes about 10% of the global burden of fire deaths and also an increased risk of dying in a motor vehicle crash. Smoking also increases the risk of symptoms such as Crohn’s disease and also research has shown that woman who smoke are at high risk of developing an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

For more information about  effects of smoking, do check out these websites:


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